Eline Thorp

The 20 year old Eline Thorp has, despite her young age, played at a bunch of festivals and has become a much talked about name in Norway. Journalists have made comparisons with artists such as Regina Spektor and Bat For Lashes, but Thorp definitely stands out, with her distinctive, fabulous voice and gloomy mood.

Thorp is released her debut album, Mirror’s Edge, in January 2014 through Beyond Records. The album is an atmospheric and emotional pop album, marked by Thorp's powerful voice and a melancholic touch. The album is recorded in Store Studio, and is produced and mixed by Kjetil Bjelvin.

E-mail: julius@beyondrecords.no
Phone: (+47) 930 06 713

Press photo (Erika Hebbert Larsen)
Cover (Gaute Terjesson)